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Asian American Expo 2019 (Jan 18-Jan 19)

This past weekend from 1/19-1/20, we went to the Pomona Fair-plex to take part in the 2019 Asian American Expo. There, the other members and I went around from customer to customer, selling Korean face masks, skincare, and many more. Weirdly enough, all of the other selling facilities we've been to have all been busy towards the evening, but here, it was super busy int he morning and after 3 P.M. hit, the amount of customers decreased significantly.

Our club's participation was very important in our development as individuals because here, we learned the importance of culture and discovered how culture can shape an individual. I can't wait to be back for the 2020 round! Catch us next at the Monterey Park Lunar Year Festival this weekend!

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