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Happy Village Community Service Project Contest (11/21/2017)

Recently, Happy Village presented us with the opportunity to enter a contest for a community service project. At first, we had no clue what to do or where to start. There were so many ways we could help the community. Eventually, we stumbled upon an organization called Father's Warehouse. Father's Warehouse provides healthy meals to the homeless in the Los Angeles area. Our goal was to earn money and donate all of our proceeds to this organization. Our group of four got together and baked a variety of cookies to sell. We bought all the ingredients from our local grocery store using the money that we earned from the Homecoming Picnic. Then, we met up and baked the cookies and packaged them in pairs, in plastic baggies. We signed up for a booth in the Alhambra Tree Lighting Ceremony, and sold the cookies, two for fifty cents. At first, not many people were interested in buying the cookies, but after explaining the cause and purpose of this sale, more people bought from us and some even donated more money. In the end, we earned a total of $100 and were able to donate the money to Father's Warehouse and help the community. Through this project we won $1000 that we plan on using for more projects like this in the future.

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