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Making DIY Masks

There has been a significant nation-wide shortage in masks, making it more difficult to stay and feel protected. To solve this issue, Happy Village’s members used old clothing to make face masks for their communities. They first watched Youtube videos and began with simple masks made of cloth and rubber bands.

Supplies needed:

  1. One long sleeve shirt

  2. Needle and thread

  3. Scissors

  4. Two rubber bands

  5. One sheet of paper towel


  1. Measure and cut a 11'' segment of the sleeve (make sure to cut off the cuff of the sleeve)

  2. Cut out a semi-circle at the midpoint

  3. Insert a coffee filter inside the sleeve through the semi-circle hole

  4. Place one rubber band around each side of the sleeve

  5. Fold the ends of the sleeve and sew them to ensure that the rubber band is in place

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